Feed your whole family every Thursday with our delicious home cooked meals delivered to you.

On Mondays we post a menu on this page and on Face Book of what we will be cooking and you place an order of half (serves 3) or whole (serves 6) and pick your beverage (sweet tea, unsweet tea or lemonade). Comes with one side and bread all ready to be heated and served! Dessert is also available. We deliver the complete meal to you on Thursday. If you'd like to use a credit or debit card, please call Dwalla at 229-220-4675.

this weeks menu

Dinner drop menu for 2/9/17: **DON'T FORGET ORDERS DUE IN BY 6:00 p.m. TUESDAY PLEASE** Italian Meatloaf (no peppers or onions), Mashed Potatoes and your choice of Green beans OR Salad and bread. Sweet tea, unsweet tea, or lemonade. Whole order $30 (serves 6) and half order $15 (serves 3). Optional dessert is Triple Chocolate Brownies. Full order $6 and half order $3. To order, please call 229-220-4675 or message us on Face Book by clicking here.